Binh Dinh- Quy Nhon- Brilliant Dry Island- Actor Huynh Anh

Tuesday - 04/07/2017 10:06
Dry Island is one of attractive destinations that attract many tourist inland and outland to visit, swim, and dive to see coral and enjoy seafood in every summer. Dry Island- An island in the middle of the sea carries the beauty of the wilderness, with the golden sand beach in the sun, blue water. Standing on the boat, tourist can see each flock of fish playing under the coral reef.
The appropriate time for visitors to visit Dry Island is from January to June (lunar year). The weather is calm, and sunny, the sea is clear, the wind is cool. Here, the sea level is very shallow, at low tide; it is easy for visitors to dive into the sea. Let’s go with actor Huynh Anh to experience and explore the "paradise island" with fresh seafood here!
Bình Định - Quy Nhơn - Rực rỡ đảo Hòn Khô - Diễn viên Huỳnh Anh

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