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In recent years, the coastal city of Quy Nhon - Binh Dinh has received the attention of all levels and branches in the investment and embellishment of urban areas and at the same time embellish and upgrade the monuments and places gradually become familiar destinations, attract tourists from inland and outland. For visitors who have once come to "the land of Marital Arts" there is always a feeling of peace and strange and when they return is always satisfied and hope to have a return. Due to the "Vo Martial" area of many visitors far and near the beach because there are stretched beaches, clear blue water. Not only that, this place preserves the remnants of the Tay Son dynasty once glorious, the tower mossy, ancient, majestic majestic, with time.
Quy Nhon Hội nhập   Phát triển; Tg Đào Em3
Quy Nhon Hội nhập Phát triển; Tg Đào Em3
Quy Nhon city; Photo: Dao Em
Transportation to Quy Nhon - Binh Dinh
Quy Nhon is 1,065km from Hanoi Capital, 686km from Ho Chi Minh City and 300km from Da Nang. To reach the beautiful coastal city, tourists can go car beds or seats with the prestigious car companies such as Phuong Trang, Mai Linh, Thuan Thao and Hoang Long, bus station center city about 3km .... By train, all North-South trains go to Dieu Tri (Quy Nhon) Station, about 12km to the city center.
In addition, travelers can fly by airplane with famous airlines such as: Vietnamairlines, Vietjetair, Jetstar Pacific Airlines. From Phu Cat airport to Quy Nhon city about 35km, tourists can take a taxi or take the bus of Phu Cat airport.
Coming to Quy Nhon city, visitors can go on a reservation tour or explore the "land of martial arts" on their own. You can rent at the motel and hotel where you live or contact the travel agency in the city center.
Hotels in Quy Nhơn
Hotels in Quy Nhon is very diverse, for many travelers choice with quality services, rooms from 1 to 5 stars. Walking along An Duong Vuong, Xuan Dieu, Nguyen Hue streets... visitors can find yourself a hotel that satisfies. In addition, tourists who want to have a save travel or interested in "phuot" to explore Quy Nhon - Binh Dinh can be in some homestay in  Xep beach or inner of Quy Nhon city.
Cuisine in Quy Nhon
Coming to Quy Nhon, visitors can not ignore Quy Nhon roasted fish with vermicelli. And along Nguyen Hue Street, visitors can see quite famous roasted fish with vermicelli in Quy Nhon. To enjoy fresh seafood dishes you can visit the famous restaurants located on Xuan Dieu internal Street, Binh Ha Street or Vo Nguyen Giap. In addition, visitors can go to Dieu Tri to eat tiny rice noodle sheet served with boiled pig's internal organs.
Visitors can also buy specialties of Binh Dinh as gifts for relatives, friends such as: It cakes, rice cake made with coconut juice,Song Than vermicelli, Bau Da wine, dried seafood, coconut oil ... or some souvenirs, handicraft products at prestigious specialty stores in Quy Nhon city.
Explore destinations

The coastal city of Quy Nhon has a coastline stretching around the city, creating a beautiful semi-circular shape, with blue water, beautiful sea and immense waves. In the city, visitors can bathe in the beach near the center without having to go far. Such as beaches outside Xuan Dieu, An Duong Vuong street...
Quy Nhon Beach; photo: BTPI center
Quy Nhon has many beautiful beaches located along the strait around the city. Typical is Ghenh Rang Tien Sa, where there is Egg Rock with many round stones like giant eggs, Hoang Hau beach (according to history that Nam Phuong used to bath here). There is also Han Mac Tu poet's grave on the peaceful hill of Thi Nhan. Ghenh Rang stretches along the clear blue sea and from here you can see the whole Quy Nhon city.
Bãi tắm Hoàng Hậu Ảnh TTTTXTDL
Queen Beach; photo: BTPI center
Located not far from Ghenh Rang, Bai Bang, Bai Xep, Rang beach (on National Highway 1D) ... in these beaches there are only beach areas close to the sea tents camps for eating, There are beaches are small lovely, both as a place for bathing, just have a restaurant for rest. These will be the ideal destination for travelers who like to relax, picnic weekend.
Thi Nai Lagoon - Phuong Mai Penisula
Thi Nai Lagoon is the largest lagoon in Binh Dinh Province that runs over ten kilometers in width and nearly four kilometers wide with many famous aquatic products. Every morning, full moon of submerged in green mangrove forests, dim face, fantasy as fairyland. The bridge is the longest crossing of the sea in Quy Nhon City with Phuong Mai Peninsula (Nhon Hoi Economic Zone).
From a distance, Phuong Mai peninsula looks like a dragon head, its body extends northward to De Gi's door. At the southern end of the peninsula is a sharp pointed nose with many interesting and dangerous cliffs, swift birds nest to nest, offering special "bird's nest" extremely nutritious, rare for the people here.
Ky Co - Nhon Ly
Bai Ky Co is located at the foot of Phuong Mai mountain range in Nhon Ly island, Quy Nhon City. Ky Co owns beautiful beauty as a picture. For travelers, especially those who love to explore, adventure here promises to be an experience destination. From the wharf of Nhon Ly fishing village, only 20 minutes away by boat, visitors will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the cool blue water and white sand beaches.
Bãi Kỳ Co
Ky Co (Nhon Ly); photo: BTPI center
Eo Gio- the most beautiful sunrise of VietNam
Eo Gio is located in Nhon Ly Commune, about 20 km from the center of Quy Nhon city. It is a blue strait that is high rock formations with many shapes embraces the whole of the arms to form a breathtaking inlet. Visitors not only save for their unique photos but also be mixed with the fresh air, freshness of nature, watching the swimming flocks of swimming or the sand, coral reefs.
Dry Island
Located in Phuong Mai peninsula, Hon Kho island as a giant screen covering the commune of Nhon Hai island and part of Quy Nhon city. In the sea season, Hon Kho welcome the waves of white foam that look like the sea flowers, suddenly, suddenly, tan. Peaceful seasons, Hon Kho again attract tourists with long white sand, smooth water, bright coral reefs, smooth green grass and fresh creek cracked from the cliffs cooled down. Coming to Hon Kho, tourists will visit the fishing village of Nhon Hai, drop in the open sea, scuba diving and enjoy the fresh seafood with unique Bau Da wine.
Cu Lao Xanh (Blue Island) - the pearl of East Sea
Cu Lao Xanh is an island away from Quy Nhon city about 22km. Coming here, visitors have the opportunity to explore the wild with rocks full of shape, with the majesty, vastness of heaven - sea and mountains ... and admire the lighthouse over 100 years old. It was recorded by Vietnam Record Awards in the Top 5 most famous lighthouse in Vietnam.
Blue Island; photo: BTPI center
Twin Towers
The Twin Tower is one of the towers located nearest Quy Nhon City (about 2 km from Quy Nhon City Center). With the unique architecture, ancient tower is classified as "unique" of the Champa architecture. The tower was built around the end of the last 12th century, one large one small, adjacent to each other as couples wrapped around.
Tourists visit Twin Towers; photo: Dao Em
Nguyen Sinh Sac - Nguyen Tat Thanh Statue
Nguyen Sinh Sac- Nguyen Tat Thanh Statue; photo: BTPI center
This is a beautiful building, historical-cultural meaning of Binh Dinh province where Nguyen Tat Thanh lived with his beloved father in Binh Khe land that day. The monument is 15.5m high, molded from extruded copper material, located in the space of 3.125m2 monument area, located in Nguyen Tat Thanh Square, Quy Nhon. The monument is a beautiful symbol of the bond between flesh and blood between family and father-son love of the country.
General Museum Binh Dinh
The museum is located in the beautiful city, located at 26 Nguyen Hue, Quy NhonCity. The museum contains 5 booths displaying over 1,000 documents and objects, giving visitors an overview of the country and people of Binh Dinh through historical periods. Especially, with hundreds of artifacts of the unique Champa culture being preserved here, the museum is said to be the place to display and store many Champa artifacts in our country, full of mysteries that many researchers have yet to find the perfect answer.


Author: Le Chi - BTPI Center

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