Quy Nhon roasted fish with vermicelli - unforgettable flavor

Monday - 15/01/2018 14:18
Quy Nhon - it is not my homeland, but I don't know why I always have a special feeling with this city. I'm sure that once you came here, tobe here for a couple days, you must have the same feeling with me. A peacefull city between mountains and sea with natural flavor of famous dishes, among them is roasted fish with vermicelli
Among Vietnamese dishes, Quy Nhon roasted fish with vermicelli is quieter than Ha Noi "pho", Hue beef vermicelli... as the character of sea city people , a bowl of roasted fish with vermicelli contains the passionate affection of the people of the sea.
I remembered that the first days I came to Quy Nhon, a September night with heavy rains; on the old bicycle, I and my friend were so tired and hungry. So we stopped at a small booth in Nguyen Hue street; a hot bowl of roasted fish with vermicelli helped us forget tired and distracting our missing home. That was a nice memory!
The first thing we paid attention that is vegetable, perfect combination of green, fresh of many kinds of vegatable such as: lettuce, dark green of basil, coriander, white of bean sprout, dark purple and yellow of banana strands and  emerald green of sliced bindweed.
Quy Nhon roasted fish with vermicelli
Discover the secret to make specialties Quy Nhon roasted fish with vermicelli, you will recognize many interesting things. It is a harmonious combination of fish balls, vermicelli, broth and sauce. Small noodles make the feeling that you are not eating much and want to eat more, broth is cooked from bone and mackerel, clear, natural sweet, smell of purple onion baked fire and the bar of the alum sugar. Especially, fish balls are made from fresh fish, take the white meat, mixed with spices: onion, garlic, chili, salt, sugar, monosodium glutamate and peppercorns, then finely chopped in mortar. Stone to spice up to create a new cake smooth, tough and delicious.
You can find a roasted fish with vermicelli shop in Sai gon or everywhere in Viet Nam country, but there is special flavor in Quy Nhon - the land make the brand " roasted fish with vermicelli". In many years, specilities of Binh Dinh - martial art land such as: fermented pork, Bau Da wine, tiny rice noodle sheets with boiled pig's internal organs..., Quy Nhon roasted fish with vermicelli is more famous than the other.

Author: Le Trinh - BTPI center

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