Experience interesting things in Hai Minh Fishing Village

Tuesday - 16/01/2018 09:47
With natural pristine landscape, Hai Minh Fishing Village promises bringing many interesting experiences for tourists to this place.
Experience interesting things in Hai Minh Fishing Village
Hai Minh Fishing Village located on Phuong Mai Penisula, ninth area, Hai Cang Ward, Quy Nhon city. From internal of the city, it takes 15 mins by motor boat from Ham Tu Pier to Hai Minh. Sitting on the boat, tourists will see peacfull fishing village, far away of Phuong Mai mount is the statue of  Saint Tran Hung Dao, " trơ gan cùng tuế nguyệt" (standing still instead of weather). To come to the statue, the main sight seeing of fishing village, tourists walk along the path beside the mount to the statue.
The statue of Saint Tran Hung Dao located on the high hill about 40m of sea level, where combine of land - sea - sky. The statue was built in 1972 and completed in 1073, 16m high including the statue standing on the Dragon Boat commanding the Battle of Bach Dang River, with the helmet of armor, left leg standing on, the right leg get on the boat, the right hand pointing to the north, the left hand holding the swing strap on the waist, in preparation for the battle, the face of the figure of a strong, powerful and decisive General. Under the statue of Saint Tran are four reliefs depicting four faces. The East expressed the hero's heart to ignore the clamor of the clan, to create the national unity as the power to defeat the enemy. The West is the image of Hung Dao Dai Vuong firmly advised the king to attack the enemy, not let go surrender before the invasion. The south was the image of the elders at the Dien Hong conference, hands raised shouting the two words "Sat That" (kill That), together with the whole nation to chase the enemy out of the realm. The north depicts a naval battle with the Mongols, a resounding war in history with the glorious victory of the Saint Tran.
Saint Tran; Photo: BTPI center
The statue of Saint Tran; Photo: BTPI Center
From the monument looking down, Hai Minh fishing village lying on the edge of the wave, sea hug village, backed mountains to mountain with immense water. Zoom into the eyes, visitors have a look over Quy Nhon city, Thi Nai bridge, the longest bridge across the sea in Vietnam. At the foot of the statue is Phuoc Mai lighthouse, which is responsible for guiding the ships into Quy Nhon port. Up to now, the statue of Saint Tran survived more than 40 years ranked historical relic in 2007 and became a symbol of the land Hai Minh in particular and Binh Dinh in general.
Behind the monument there is a trail leading down to the beach hidden under the foot of the mountain. People call this beach is Bai Ran, calm waves, beautiful scenery and still wild. Tourists can enjoy themselves drop in the blue water, cool.
After visiting the statue of national hero Tran Hung Dao, visitors continue to journey challenging, cross the path , conquering Mount Da Den (Mount Black Rock) to witness the Wall with many historical and cultural values. The Wall is 0.6 m to 1 m high, depending on the created by stacking the mountain rocks fit. Rock walls are quite flat, 0.5m wide. According to the locals, this citadel came from the Nguyen dynasty. The starting point of the citadel was from the statue of SaintTran stretching across the whole of Da Den Mountain. Standing on the Wall, not only looks at the entire of Quy Nhon city, but also covers the vast Thi Nai Lagoon below.
Coming to Hai Minh fishing village, tourists not only explore the natural beauty of wilderness, experience the feeling of conquering the rocky mountains, explore the historic monument but also feel the hospitality. of the villagers in the footsteps, honest.

Author: Le Chi - BTPI Center

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