Cau Ngu (Whale Worshipping) Festival in De Gi

Friday - 09/06/2017 16:32
Every year, according to custom, on April 10th lunar calendar, the two villages of An Quang East and West (called De Gi) and Cat Khanh commune organize the Whale Worshipping Festival. This folk festival takes place from April 10th to April 12th and can last until April 16th with a wide variety of activities, including sacrifices for the gods, performing marine folk arts, boat racing, ...
According to the history books, about 1805, during Gia Long Dynasty , suddenly a large fish died and drifted to the beach of De Gi. The villagers did not know what fish, and they reported on Phu Ly district. The next day, naturally there was a silver-haired old man, no one knew where he came from, hugging the fish, saying, "I am the one under Aquarium, who has made great contributions to the Imperial court. When the King was in trouble, I took him out of this Cape! " Since then, villagers set up worshiping fish, called Ong Nam Hai Mausoleum. Over time many changes but in the tombs are still throne, salvation, ordained, ashes (whale bones).
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Main ceremony at Ong Nam Hai Mausoleum
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Ba Trao Team is acting for the desire going on the sea in peace ...
An Quang East and An Quang West villages are located along the lagoon and sea of De Gi, in front of provincial road 633, behind the immense sea. Since the village was established up to now, the main occupation of fishermen is still fishing and aquaculture. In the year of "good rain, good wind" fishing is well, stormy weather, heavy rain and wind, people's life is difficult, even hungry. Therefore, the fishermen of two villages An Quang East and West (together with De Gi) together held a ceremony at Ong Nam Hai Mausoleum to wish "good rain, good wind", catching many shrimp, fish help fishermen life is warm, happy.
This year's Whale Worshipping festival in De Gi, conducted in 7 days, from the 10th to 16th lunar month. With the ceremony: Gods Greeting (also known as Nghinh Ong ceremony), An vi cau sieu ceremony (blessing for the unlucky ones died in the sea), singing. There are many activities such as  Boi singing, Ba Roi dance, lion dance, boat racing, basketball, football, tug, volleyball ...
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At sea, many boats are also excited to follow
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The race between An Quang East village (red shirt) and An Quang West team (blue shirt)
The delegation welcomes Ong Nam Hai to the magnificent Ong Tomb

Source: Following Van Luu- Binh Dinh Newspaper

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