The folk art of Bai choi singing

Wednesday - 24/05/2017 09:37

 The folk art of Bai Choi singing (singing while playing cards) originated from the old bai Choi festival. The festival is usually held in the spring. People put up 9 V-shape huts and one placed in the center. In a Bai Choi game, the umpire is the person shouting out sentences of a folk song of each card such as: nhut tro, nhi bi, tam quang... At the end of a game, bai choi artists play each section of classical Tuong (drama) such as: Thoai Khanh- Chau Tuan, Lang Chau- Ly An, Pham Cong- Cuc Hoa, etc… Bai choi singing in Binh Dinh attracts the tourist with its unique arts language in a variety of melodies, such as:  ly thuong nhau, vong kim lang, ho tat nuoc, etc… bai choi stage has showed special characters of a national folk art form associated with the countryside filled with sea breeze, sweet, simple and loving field flavor.

23 Hat bai choi Binh Dinh Anh Dao Tien Dat

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