Fermented pork of Huyen market

Wednesday - 24/05/2017 15:41

If you have an opportunity to come to Vinh Thanh, my homeland

Enjoying fermented pork in Huyen market, and watching Boi singing at night”

Vinh Thanh village, Phuoc Loc commune, Tuy Phuoc district (formerly was Tuy Phuoc town) is not only famous of the forefather Dao Tan, but also for the fermented pork of Huyen market. It can be said that fermented pork of Huyen market is the quintessence and specialities of local people here. Fermented pork of Huyen market is delicious not only its processing way but also maily of the pork. The pork is carefully chosen and must be the lean meat of a local pig. Pork is crushed carefully, marinated with delicious fish sauce wrapped in leaves, and many layers of banana leaves outside for a few days to eat, taste very fragant and delicious.

nem cho huyen

Fermented pork of Huyen market can eat with mint leaves, roll with rice cake, or just eat fermented pork to enjoy unique flavor of this speciality. When eating fermeted pork, using with fish sauce or soy sauce according to each person’s taste. However, the most popular sauce is still fish sauce diluted with crushed peanuts, adding sugar, garlic and chili which make the sauce sweet and imbued.

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