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In the northwest of Quy Nhon, Thi Nai lagoon is the biggest lagoon in Binh Dinh that runs over 10km, 4km wide with much famous seafood. . In the lagoon, near the west bank has a small moutain- there is a small shrine built by fishmen to worpship seagod- moutainous shape like an ancient tower, called Thay Boi shrine (Fortune teller shrine), that makes the lagoon landscape is more lively and attractive. Everymorning, full moon night, the lagoon is in the green mangrove, the surface is fuzzy, fanciful as fairyland.

In history, Thi Nai lagoon was the naval base of Tay Son Dynasty, where fierce naval battles took place between Tay Son insurgents and Nguyen Anh military in 1801.

39 Chim ve tren Dam Thi nai ( Quy Nhon Binh Dinh ) Anh Dao Tien Dat(1)

Located in the east side of Thi Nai lagoon, as a giant screen of the sea for Quy Nhon city is Phuong Mai Peninsula, with its moutainous rocks and huge sand dunes, along the beach about 15km. In the north of island and northwest are beautiful beaches that stretch for dozen kilometres. From a distance, Phuong Mai is as a head of dragon, body lies along in the north to De Gi gate. At the end of the south of island is a sharp spear shape with many interesting and dangerous cliffs, swallow birds often come here to nest, give people speciality “Salanganes Nest” which is extremely nutrious.

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